Monday, April 23, 2018

Groomed Westies & Quilts In The Works

 It was a trip to the groomers today to get the westies ready
for our vacation in the Outer Banks.  We are leaving on Sunday
morning for a week.
 This is the look of a little trouble maker.
 He wants to play - she wants to sleep!
 In any event, he's a cute trouble maker.

 The Birds ...  
Will be flying around my sewing room for awhile longer. 
 This is really a nice collection of fabrics so I'll be on the
lookout for more.
 I love the elegance of this quilt but this is being made
for a friend who only drinks champagne.  It's also
a belated 80th birthday present.

Passed out Julep - not from the champagne - but from a day
at the doggie spa.  Speaking of birthdays ... Julep has a birthday next
 week so we'll be celebrating in the Outer Banks.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Framed Block

 Snagged from Facebook
 The Framed Block
 I decided to work with the Layer Cake [that's 10" pre-cut squares
of fabric] that I found at the Old Country Store in Lancaster.
I believe it's by Three Sisters details to follow.
This is a quick and easy block to make so you will be
seeing this one again and again and again!

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Dolls

Julep ... before we get to the dolls.
 I'm still working on getting this jelly roll quilt complete and since
 I'm not crazy about the colors it's a real pain in my butt.
 Maybe I should be thanking Julep for laying on it
that way I have to work on something else ... like the dolls.
I managed to get the three sections put together
and pressed - then it was Julep's nap time again.  I'm going
to put one border on it and that's it for this one.
 I belong to a Facebook group that makes dolls and teddy bears
for kids in need around the world.  The pattern is very specific in 
size and what you can do and can't.  I did one practice bear and
didn't enjoy it [at least for now] so you won't be seeing
any others.  I still like my mini-dogs the best.
 Little Miss Mermaid by Moda Fabrics. 
Actually, all the dolls you will see below are by Moda.

 The Superhero's were posted previously but without
the dog and shield.
 A Walk In the Woods

 Part of the fun is adding the embellishments on the dolls,
pillows, quilts and woodland creatures.

Little Ms. Red 
Don't tell the other dolls but she is my favorite.

 The Mermaid with her tail.
I've been working on the collection of dolls for several
days. I still have one bunny panel plus one very large
mermaid panel [that is different from this one] to
get done.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Name A Song ...

I found this on Facebook and since I haven't
taken photo's of my finished projects this
will have to do.

I'm sure there are many more songs that are
 not appropriate but here are a few.

I Feel Alive
Staying Alive
Disco Inferno
Who Wants To Live Forever
I Don't Miss You At All
Crazy World of Arthur Brown ... Fire
Celebration ... Kool and the Gang
Anything you can do, I can do Better
Going Underground
Wake up lil Suzy
Another One Bites the Dust
Highway to Hell

Friday, April 13, 2018

Halloween Is Officially Behind Me

 I'm officially finished with all projects involving the
"Too Cute to Spook" fabric line by Blank Quilting.
 When I'm sent a collection of fabric from the manufacture I
look for simple patterns that will show off the fabric.  I leave
those very detailed quilts to the designers.   My thinking is to
show other projects that are quick and easy. 
 This is a panel I used as the back of the quilt below.
 Simply 8" blocks in rows.

 A favorite of mine - simply an 8" block with a 2" border.
 Who doesn't love candy corns at Halloween.
From Moda's Super Hero's panel.  I have several more
Moda panels for dolls similar to these that I'm currently 
working on.  I also volunteered to work with Christmas fabric 
but was told that will not ship until May.  That's great so I can 
finish the dolls as well as that one quilt sitting on my sewing room
floor that I'm just not crazy about.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Today Is My Birthday!

 Today is my birthday and I was hatched at 5:39 a.m. according
to my birth certificate.  It's no wonder I'm NOT a morning person.
 Wilson's birthday card to me.  
 While I thought my new set of tires, my new water pump and
a few other 'extra's' during my Lexus 72,000+ mile service
was my birthday gift ... I was wrong!
Wilson surprised me with this beautiful David Yurman baby box chain
sterling silver necklace with white cultured freshwater pearls.
I can't wait to wear it when we go out to dinner Friday.
Happy Birthday to me as I countdown the days until I
can sign up for Medicare!

Monday, April 9, 2018

I Guess You Could Say I've Gone Batty!

This is one place mat from of the set of 4 made from 
Blank's Quilting 
"Too Cute to Spook"
I guess you could say I've gone batty over this fabric.
Let me say this right up front ...
I really had fun working with this collection.

 I found the cat pattern on Pinterest and the only thing
different I did was print it larger then the original design.

I have a drawer full of napkins rings and it was hard
to just use a few of them.

 I love these little bats!  Here again I printed out the pattern
larger then the artist designed plus I added the crystal eyes.
 Hard to see but there is bat in the glass.
Eight napkins + one bat.
 A bat on a quilt block.  I wasn't happy with the quilt
photo's I took so I will try again tomorrow.
 This quilt pattern is a great one to use to showcase
all the fabrics in this line.
 More bats on the quilt.

 I love this photo and now I can't wait for Halloween
so we can have a party.

I ran out of stuffing for the bats so it's off to the store I go.
 So ... stay tuned for a few more bats and three lap quilts.