Thursday, December 7, 2017

One Less on the UFO Stack

 Another oldie photo I'm fond of ... Julep
 One less quilt is now officially off the UFO stack.
 My Facebook Westie group reached 8,700 members so I
decided to use this quilt as a Flash give-a-way to members 
to show my appreciation to the group.  A random winner
will be picked Friday at 6p.m.
This morning I found Derby under the dining room table after he
ate breakfast.  He does enjoy napping there from time to time.  

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Few More Finished Projects

 This was made a few years ago and is still a holiday favorite.
 Derby wanted attention while I was trying to photograph
the holiday stars so I used him as a prop.
 A Facebook friend asked if I could make a few outfits for
her god daughter for Xmas.  Here are two completed.
 Mermaids ... I love this fabric and now have 3 yards of it!
 Being cute is exhausting!
 This is finished and not pressed but wanted to do a
blog post so here it is - wrinkles and all.
I have 4 lap quilts that need finishing.   I personally don't 
like UFO's hanging out in my sewing room.
~ N O T E ~
For the non-quilters or non-sewers a UFO equates to: 
Unfinished Objects {like the partially sewn quilt or
quilt blocks we accumulate but never seem to finish.

FART = Fabric Acquisition Road Trip
FQ = Fat Quarter
PhD = Projects Half Done
SABLE = Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy
TGIF = Thank God It's Finished
WOMBAT = Waste of Money, Batting, and Time
WOW = White on White

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Birthday Boy

December 3rd 
Today is Wilson's birthday and as usual
we celebrated at Ruth Chis Steakhouse
in Annapolis.  First course ... oysters.
Surf and turf was ordered by the birthday boy
followed by this special dessert.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Westies & Fabric Order #2

 I swear one of these days I'm going to step on these dogs.
For the most part they are under or near my feet.  Derby
decided to park himself right by by cutting table.
 ... and Julep is in my path to my sewing machine.
She is looking at Derby.  I try and remember to look down
but one of these days .... 
 This is the beginning layout of the next holiday quilt using 
the layer cake {10" squares}.  While this is super-simple
to put together the jury is still out if I like it or not.
 Fabric Order #2 arrived from Hancock of Paducah.
The above two fabrics have been hanging out in the 70% off sale
 bin for as long as I can remember.  For $2.99/yard I figured 
I really didn't have anything to lose and in my mind I
thought this pattern would make nice pillow cases.
 This fabric was a surprise because I couldn't see the actually gold
in the fabric when I ordered it.  Plans are for another bird
quilt just like previous ones I made.
 Think Spring!
Re-building my stash of kids fabric.  
Owls, mushrooms and wood print.
 Multi-colored sprinkles and red and white string.
 Same print different colored backgrounds.
This was the real reason for the fabric order #2 - the mermaid
fabric.  This was $3.99/yard so I ordered 3 yards.  I'm happy.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

PhotoBombed by Julep

Last night I finished the holiday quilt for Daisy in NYC 
and carried it downstairs for Wilson to see.  I decided
to place it on the armless chair to take a photo of it and
Julep decided to photo bomb my picture.
She wouldn't budge even when I tried to cover her up. 
 Derby getting the act.
I've started working on blocks using the 10" layer cake
holiday fabric I showed you a day or so ago.  It's a simple
block I saw on Pinterest.  Since there was no instructions
on how to cut the blocks I decided to make up my own.    
For the neighbors grand kids when they visit next.  Just
trying to reduce my stack of flannel. 
 Yesterday's walk around St. Michaels was fun with Tamera.
While the lighting was wrong for taking photo's I think 
it would be fun to walk around in the early evening
when the holiday lights are on.  
 I was impressed with all the stuff in the stores and only
make one purchase of a little nautical wallet to use
while on our cruise in February.
We pretty much had the town to ourselves which was
really nice.  This weekend is 'Midnight Madness' which all
the shops stay open late and I think it's next weekend that
it's 'Christmas in St. Michaels' ... both events bring in
a ton of tourists.

Monday, November 27, 2017

A Little Sewing

 I put the finishing touch on the second quilt that I'll
 be delivering to the new little girls in neighborhood.
 The back.
 Sewing for another little girl - this one is in Texas.
The top was made by cutting out the center design
of what was going to be a holiday pillow.
 Flannel pillowcases because it's winter and because I'm
tired of looking at this on my shelf.
Flannel from the Guilds free table. 
These will go with the girls quilts when I take them over.

From the website:  Five Dollars A Yard 
The first package of Black Friday fabric deals arrived in the
mail.  I didn't go overboard on buying.  Are you surprised?

 10" squares known to a quilter as a Layer Cake.
 Jelly Roll #1
 Jelly Roll #2
Didn't even make it to my fabric stash.  I woke up
this morning and decided to make Daisy {grand daughter
#1} a holiday quilt for her new apartment in New York
City.  While it's on the 'calm' side I have some rather
bright fabric for the backing so I have a 50/50
change she will like one side or the other.
 Close-up of the fabric and blocks.
 For the little girl I'm making AG doll clothing for in Texas.
I was told she likes pink and mermaids.  This fabric covers both.
 Jelly Roll #3
There is only one other fabric order expected which is sorta sad.  
On Tuesday I'm doing a little local shopping with Tamera
[who was here for Thanksgiving dinner}.  I plan to drag
my camera along since it's been some time since I
took pictures of St. Michaels. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Day Around The House

 Derby - in the kitchen - in Wilson's way.
 We decided to use the everyday dining area instead of 
having dinner in the formal dining room.  This is much
more of a cozy set-up.
 In between things I took some time to take various photo's
from around the house ... here is the view from our back deck.
 The westies waiting to see who they can bark at.  
 Nancy & Larry left out neighborhood and moved to PA to
be closer to family.  This is the card they sent wishing us
a happy holiday.
 Is the turkey done yet?
 The other TV room.  Can I say I love Wilson's
Lazy Boy recliner ... but don't tell him I said that.
 Formal dining room.
 Waiting for Tamera & Frank to arrive.
 Silver bells polished and in place.

 Julep loves Frank.  She doesn't even give
me this type of attention!
 Derby and Tamera.
 Julep spreading her affections gives Tamera a big kiss.
 Julep hopes Frank will accidentally drop some turkey.
Julep hopes that Tamera drops some turkey ....
do you see a pattern here?
Lesley came over to join us for dessert.  She is currently renting
a house until her home is built.  Lesley's westie is named Laird.
I posted a photo of him in his bike basket a few days ago.
Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.