Friday, October 20, 2017

55 Yards, 20 Fat Quarters & 2 Panels

Thursday Morning 
Getting closer to our first stop in our search for fabric deals.
We decided to hit Burkholder's in Denver, PA first.  This
is a store that sits in the middle of nowhere land.
 The Lancaster country side.  The leaves are just starting to
turn and I was surprised at the amount of feed corn still standing
in the fields this time of year.
 I believe it's the son of the owner of Burkholder's Fabric that
raises deer - for what reason I don't have a clue.
 The herd has a big fenced in area next to the
parking lot of Burkholder's.  It's possible they are there
just so the men have something to do while the ladies
are in shopping for fabric.
 Deer watching.
 Feed corn.

 Now we know we're in Amish country but I have to tell
you these three didn't even move over when we tried to
pass them in the car.  It was annoying for us as well
as the string of cars behind us.
 After we left Denver, PA we drove thru the countryside to
Intercourse, PA and our next set of fabric stops.
 This one is a favorite.
 No a lot of buggies on the road this trip for some reason.
 Log Cabin Quilts have greatly improved the selection of fabric
and overall layout of the store.
 Back-breaking work.
 Now here comes the fun stuff ... all my fabric.
I have to say I made out pretty darn good looking for
bargins but in saying that the prices have gone up
since our last visit.  I can actually make out better
ordering fabric on-line at a lower per yard price,
no tax and free shipping.  But in any event everything
was on sale except for 4 pieces of fabric at $8+ per yard.
 The first fabric picture and stopping at the birds are all 
two yard cuts.

 With two yard cuts I have options on usage which I like.
 These are all 1 yard cuts.

 I snagged the last one yard of this fabric at the Old County
Store.  This is one I paid full price for which I can assume
you understand why.
 Burkholder's had 60% off fat quarter bundles so I 
treated myself to just one.
 For those that are unsure of what a fat quarter is ... 
this is one of the collection opened up.
 I've been seeing these panels on a few blogs I
follow so when I saw the panels and the sample
ones made up at Log Cabin Quilts ... I purchased two panels.  

Now I have to tell you there were lots and lots of fabric
I could have been very happy purchasing ... but with 
42 yards of [2 yard cuts] and 13 yards of [1 yard cuts]
and the 20 fat quarters and 2 panels ... well, I guess
I can't complain.  But ... there are few pieces that will
haunt me that I didn't buy.  
My Bernina B380 went into the shop in Annapolis for a 
tune-up.  It was done the next day which was very 
impressive.  So when I stopped in today I asked if there
was anything wrong and the lady behind the desk
said oh yes.  She said that anytime the repair person
calls them back from the front desk to see something it's
usually pretty interesting.  I had a ton of lint inside
my machine and he saved half of it for me in
a plastic bag to see.  So ... the lesson here is don't wait
2+ years to have your machine cleaned and checked.
But ... while I was in there I spotted a "Sweet Sixteen"
quilting machine for around $5,000 ... so that's
what I'm telling Santa I want for Xmas this year.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Westies & Quilts

Flat as a pancake ... Derby

 I decided to take a break from working on fall and holiday
fabric so I pulled this collection from my stack of fabric.
 I had the top ready to sew to the bottom but had to wait
until Julep decided to get up.
 She is so cute I just don't have the heart to make her move.
 When she did decide to move I quickly picked up the
two pieces to sew together.  This is the completed top
which was nicely pressed before they decided to have play time.
 Julep can be pushy and a little rough when playing with
Derby.  He is hiding from her and I can't blame him.
 While I wasn't feeling great with my head cold I
managed to sew together about 14 tops as well as
made the backs for these quilts.  So .... it's time to
roll out the batting for the next step in the process.
 Can you spot Julep?
 It's unusual for Derby to lay down on a quilt I'm working on.
 This one is for Kaitlyn.

All 14 quilt tops are quilted.  The next step is to trim up
the overhang then make the bindings for them.  I'll be taking
my Bernina in for service this week while I'm away in
Lancaster with my sister.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Julep & Derby

This afternoon I looked up from my sewing machine only to
see Derby on my desk looking for the packages of kibble
I moved off my desk yesterday.  
 Christmas is right around the corner.
The array of blocks you see Derby sitting on are now
sewn together.  This pattern is so simple and takes no
time whatsoever to make up. 
 I couldn't get a good photo showing all the sparkles in the
fabric no matter how I tried.  The combination is very rich looking
and this is another one I'm going to have trouble parting with. 
Last night I with playing with an app I have on my iPad
and this is the result.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I'm Still Here!

 Yours truly hasn't been feeling the best since last week but
I'm getting better.  I'm blaming this sickness on Wilson because 
I think [actually I'm pretty darn sure] germs attached to me
in the two hospitals I spent time in with him.
 The pet food store gave me a few samples of kibble so I put
them on my desk until I can give to our neighbor [since I don't
feed my westies a kibble-based diet].  How in the world
Derby knew they were sitting there is beyond me.  

 Obsessed he became so I had to move the packages to a higher table.
He was ready to tear them open and have a little feast. That would
 have made a nice big mess in my sewing room not to mention
the intestinal distress that would cause him.
 Sarah {Wilson's daughter} and {Kaitlyn and Cole} will be spending
Thanksgiving with us.  I'm making the kids quilts for their bed.  
 This is for Kaitlyn.  I'm searching for just 2 yards of quality flannel
for pillowcases.  The stuff at JoAnn's is cheap so I may have
to order on line from Hancock of Paducah if I don't find 
anything in Lancaster next week.  My sister informed me that
she's going without me if I'm not better!

 I'm not sure if this is right for Cole.  I'll be looking around
for something else next week that has more of a Xmas
feel to the fabric.
 I made ten stuffed mini-terriers for the Little White Dog Rescue 
to sell at a holiday fair in December.  This rescue is in Omaha, NE.
 Taking advantage of Derby being my back drop.

 Who knows why he does what he does!
A few more terriers.  I'm out of stuffing so I'll be
watching JoAnn's for a sale.
Well, that's it for today.
Happy Fall