Monday, March 19, 2018

New Quilts

  I asked my mom what she wanted for her birthday and she said
a quilt for the back of her living room sofa.  So here it is.
 Quilt back fabric from Hobby Lobby.
 Derby in his comfy spot which gives him the perfect
line of sight out the front door.
 I finally got around to working with the fall fabric
that Vanessa sent me several months ago.  The pattern
is the same as my mom's quilt.
 In the center of the pinwheels are sparkle lime-green buttons.
 This is really cute fabric and I had fun working with it.

The center is a panel so I simply added a few borders
around it and called it a day.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

 Bunny time is almost here!
 A new pattern I wanted to try using a jelly roll [that is 2-1/2" 
strips of fabric usually from one designers collection].
 The fabric with it's soft color tone is geared for a baby or
 young child.  I like the cute bunny and squirrel prints
which are really hard to see in this photo.
 I incorporated the left over strips into the back.
 Julep - after dinner nap.
 Howdy Lil Lady by Moda Fabrics.
 Howdy Lil Cowboy by Moda Fabrics.  
Moda has about 12 different little dolls and I'd like to
make all of them [over time].
 Each doll has it's own quilt and small pillow.
 It didn't take me long to sew little hearts between the squares.
The dolls have their own pony on a stick.
Thanks for checking in, Katie

Friday, March 9, 2018

Finished Projects

 I made this set of pillowcases for our guest room in
anticipation of Carol {Wilson's daughter} visit 
in the spring.  While they won't be staying here
because we don't have the space I think Daisy
[who is in NY at Parson's] and her boyfriend
will be staying with us.
 The tulip fabric was found on the free table at a guild meeting.
 I made this set for our doctors nurse who squeezed
us into the schedule when Wilson had strain 'A' of the flu.
 This quilt I started before the cruise and I just mailed
it yesterday to Texas to my former bosses wife who
moved there with her daughter after he passed.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Invasion of the Bunnies!

 Spring will be here before you know it and soon it will
be the invasion of bunnies in our flower beds.

I found two bunny patterns that I wanted to try.
This is the first one {above} which was okay but I liked
the second pattern {below} much better.
 Some bunnies are already in there new home.

Who doesn't love cute bunnies? 

I found new cotton tails yesterday at Hobby Lobby.

 I would love to keep them all ... but I won't.

 Derby has to check out the basket of bunnies.

I have a few other projects completed and will post
them tomorrow.  

Monday, March 5, 2018

Back to Reality & Sewing

This is the quilt I donated to Northern New England Westie
Rescue auction that ended last night.  It made $95
for the cause and is going to be sent to Lee who has 
several of my quilts and pillowcases.  
Close-up to show the white fabric is a white on white flower print.
The back fabric.
Added with the auction quilt was a set of standard pillowcases.
Here you can see the print better.

Cruise: The Last Show

The official cruise photo's have not been published yet
so I'll post the link later for those interested.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Cruise: Day 6 - At Sea

 Day 6 - February 15 - Cruising Day
You never knew who you could run into in any part of the
ship.  I spotted Brian Culbertson having lunch with Chance
Howard while talking to two fans.  
Brian has the black tee shirt on and I have to say he is one
of my favorite SJ artists.  We also ran into Rick Braun and his
wife on formal night and I was standing behind Keiko Matsui
in the ladies room.  It was also interesting to hear that the artists
look at this cruise as a yearly reunion.
. . .
At 12:15 the poolside concert featured Richard Elliott

At 1:30 there was a talk called "It's a Woman's World" with
Candy Dulfer {C}Honey Larochelle{L}
and Keiko Matsui {R}
 At 2:00p.m. 'Instruments Identified' - The Horns
Hosted by Boney James featuring Rick Braun, Eric
Marienthal and Kirk Whalum
 Boney James
 Rick Braun

At 3:00p.m. the last 'Instruments Identified'  - The Keyboards
Brian Culbertson, Brian Simpson, Keiko Matsui

At 4:00p.m. Inside the Recording Process with Eric Marienthal

At 6:00p.m. in the Celebrity Theater was Marcus Miller
concert which lasted 1-1/2 hours - then it was on to dinner
for us.  There was a bunch of other events scheduled
and the last one started at 12:15a.m.!