Friday, February 23, 2018

Cruise: Around the Celebrity Summit

Our cabin #8131 on the Celebrity Summit which is considered
a concierge class room.   In my mind this means nothing.
One perk was we had our own check-in area but that line
 was just as long as the 'general' check-in line.
The bed was comfy but we needed more pillows
which was no problem.  Every evening we received the
next day activity newsletter plus a surprise gift
either from the cruise line or the cruise booking
company {Entertainment Cruise Productions].
 Flat Stanley
Just before we left we received a package with Flat Stanley 
and a note from grandson Cole.  We did this project once
before for Kaityln.  In any event, I quickly made Flat
Stanley some summer cruise wear and off he went
with us to Florida.  He had a nice vacation and is now
back at home with Cole in California.

I decorated our cabin door with red sparkle hearts
and plastic saxophone's I found at the Dollar Store. 
A few people thanked me for decorating our door because
when they saw it they knew they were headed the 
right way [or wrong way] to their cabins.
 Flat Stanley liked the nightly chocolates on the pillow.
Flat Stanley is lucky he didn't fall off the railing and
into the water.
 This was another up-charge restaurant on the ship 
that required reservations.  I don't remember what the charge
per person was but the menu was limited so we passed.
 The only way to describe this restaurant is 'funky'.
Mismatched chairs of orange, black and white which
seemed to work but the color scheme was a little
to much like Halloween.
No I didn't rotate this photo - what you are seeing are
lamps hung upside down from the ceiling ... that is a
little strange even for me!
 The main dining room - second level.

 We didn't get off the ship since the port stops were of
no interest ... so when the ship was pretty empty
we walked around taking photo's.

 Why would anyone buy art on a cruise ship?
Yet, they had an art shop as well as others selling jewelry
and clothing.  They even had a MAC store just in case
you wanted to buy a new computer or iPad.

Overall the ship has nice public areas but there are some places
that need to be re-done.  I'm not sure when the last time this
ship went into dry dock but it could use some TLC.   I
believe it was built in 2001.
This is a Royal Caribbean ship docked next to
us which is way too large for my taste.  

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cruise: The Food

 We had a great Smooth Jazz Cruise and will post more on that later.
The view from the top deck of Celebrity Summit which departed
from the port in Ft. Lauderdale.
Four ships headed out to sea with us on Saturday.  
Three followed our route and while it was beautiful to see the
ships lights at night it was also a comfort should an
emergency happen [think Titanic].
 Food ... plain, simple and plenty of it!
 We've been on this ship before [to Alaska] and have to
say the food was a step or two above this in the past.  Some felt 
the reason [the food was just okay] was because this was a charter 
cruise but none the less no one went hungry.  I personally 
didn't have a problem with anything I ate [or ordered in the 
Tuscan Grille which was an up charge of $45 per person].  
Wilson on the other hand did.  I hope the cruise company sends us
 a post- cruise survey to all on board.
 The pizza was pretty good and I made it a point to stop and
grab and slice or two each day.
 Pizza Station:   Dough waiting to be made into pizza.
 Free Beverages: Coffee, tea, lemonade, fruit juice and ice tea
Charged Beverages:  Soda, bottled water, orange juice
beer, wine and mixed drinks
Daily selections in the Oceanview Cafe
Salads with various fixings.

 The pizza station was very popular during the week.
There also was a pasta station, outside grill with hot dogs
and hamburgers, ice cream station and the Spa cafe
to name just a few.
 Not for the faint of heart - port holes placed in the floor in
one of the dining areas.  Yes, that is a chair leg.
 Looking for a healthy choice - the Spa Cafe was the 
place for that.

 BBQ under the stars in the process of being
set-up pool side.  We didn't attend because I made
reservations for our dinner at the Tuscan Grill and
Steakhouse.  While I had a pretty perfect meal
Wilson's meal was not great.  I doubt if we would
go back but we have a year to make that
decision.  Yes, I did re-book us for 2019. 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Westies + 3 Finished Quilts


 Wrapping up projects pre-vacation.  I'm glad to get these
 done and put away.  Still one more to finish before we go.

 This was made using leftover Unicorn Kisses fabric
with a little additional fabric from my stash.

 This little quilt is already added to a fund raising
 auction for Westie Rescue Orange County [California].
I hope it brings in a few $'s for the rescue cause.

 I wonder if they'll miss us while we're gone.
Julep watching the Puppy Bowl prior
to the Super Bowl start.  I still have one more
quilt to get finished before we go which is
pretty simple - just needs the binding added then
I can go on vacation with no UFO's hanging around.