Friday, May 18, 2018

Drip Drip Is Never A Good Sound!

 When you're watching TV and you hear drip drip drip
it's never a good sign, is it?  We knew that eventually our
roof would need replacing but didn't think it would be this
soon.  Hopefully, we will be getting a roof 'patch' tomorrow 
until the roofers can schedule us in.
This rainy weather is relentless and what started as one drip
mark is now three!  Now on to more fun things like quilting.
 I love this simple pattern because it shows off the entire 
line of fabric perfectly.  This was made using a jelly roll.
In the mail and on the way to my mom's doctor who is
headed down the road to retirement.  He's moving to the
Boston area so hopefully this will keep him warm.
The back fabric is printed tree branches.
 This fabric is so pretty and elegant and is also made using
a jelly roll.  My mom will be giving this to her current doctor
 who is relocating out of the area.  I hope she likes it.
 The back is as elegant as the front.

 Rain rain go away ... that's it for today.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Many Hands ...

 As they say ... 
many hands make a light work load

Four small quilt tops [with binding] will be headed to the
Bayside Quilters community Outreach group to finish
and distribute.  The many hands of the ladies who meet
each month makes for a light work load.
 This is a nice way to use scraps from various other projects.
 This pattern was the first one I made for Outreach. 
It's fun as well as fast.

... Worth A Chuckle ...
 You need to look at this one closely!

 ... An Old Photo ...
Liza {L} Katie {Me in the middle} Charlene {R}
. . . 
Here is a blast from the past - 1986 to be exact.
Liza found this old photo and thought I'd like a copy.
The three of us went on several cruise vacations
back in the day.  While I don't remember
much about them I do believe we had fun.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Finished Quilts & The Westies

 The blue bird quilt is a favorite.  I found the components of
this collection on 3 different fabric websites all on sale.
 A close-up of the block.  The leaves are a metallic gold paint.
 The backing for the bird quilt matches perfectly.
These are dandelion flowers with touches of gold.
 This one is made using a layer cake which I just
happen to find at Tuesday Morning's discount store.

Baby quilt. 

 Julep and Derby watching TV.
 Mermaids sisters with fish.
 I found these in PA with my sister on our last shopping
trip.  One will go to our neighbors grand daughters [who 
are good with sharing] and the other will go to the twin 2 year
 old girls who just moved into the corner home.  
 I've had this one [and the one below] done for about a month.
Finally, I took the time to press, photographed and post.


 Derby ... always near and never far.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Getting Back To Normal

My Dad ... Charles
Our Outer Banks vacation was cut short because
my dad [who had been sick for many years] was
placed into hospice care.  His funeral was on
Friday and I drove back home on Saturday.
After a sad week I'm now trying to get back to normal.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Outer Banks Photo's

 Here are a few photo's taken from our vacation house deck.
We've rented "Evening Sunsets" several times before.
Running along the side of our rental is a pathway which leads
you to this gazebo.  Go thru the gazebo walk down a few steps and onto
the bridge that takes you to the overview you see in the photo above.
 On Tuesday it was very windy but the westies didn't mind.
 The wooden walkway you see in the distance is
around the town of Duck.

 Chairs for watching the sunset.
 John's Drive-In is a top lunch stop for at least one meal
during our stay.  They have the best handmade old fashion
milkshakes.   My favorite - chocolate.

The road that John's is located is on.  The other side
just over the dunes you will find the Atlantic Ocean.
While waiting for our lunch I snapped a few photo's
of Wilson.  The air was cool that day but it did
warm up before we left on Wednesday
to come home due to a family emergency.